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Progress Path of the University

This university is being launched with the courses in nursing viz., A.N.M., G.N.M., B.Sc. Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing, and B.A.M.S.

In the first phase degree/diploma courses of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nursing shall be started.

In the second phase courses in Pharmacy, Paramedical, specialised studies and institutions of research & development shall be started.

In the third phase, an excellent institution of highly specialised modern diagnostic centre, Consultation, Treatment and Research shall be established and made operationalised. Simultaneously Graduate, Post graduate and higher specialised courses in Medical sciences should start functioning.

In the fourth phase, specialized curriculums of higher education courses in Humanities, Physical Sciences and Technology shall be rolled out.

In the fifth and final phase, a chain of specialised health centres shall be established in the remote rural areas of this region.

Every year most of the areas of Eastem UP, Terai region of Nepal and western part of Bihar are badly affected by floods and subsequently due to the water logging, these regions face many health related challenges and diseases. Encephalitis is an example of one of such diseases. Therefore, dedicated research, diagnosis, treatment and precautions to deal with and get rid of these seasonal virus/vector borne diseases and epidemics is one of the major goal and focus area of this university.

Catchment area of this university is mainly agriculture dominated rural area. Employment opportunities in this area are very few. Agriculture based industry is a matter of great concern. Therefore, to make agriculture an employable and viable option, this university should be running courses and doing relevant research to increase the production and the preservation and marketing of the local products to increase the income of farmers of the region which would result in mitigating and alleviating the myriad problems faced by them. Moreover to encourage and assist them by making available necessary expertise and know-how in setting up self-help cooperative groups, small scale industries and also promote awareness and provide technical skills to generate employment avenues in the region.

To promote employment at the local level, the university shall create and run experimental programmes in this regard. Also, the agriculture related specialised skills training and tests shall be conducted.

Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad govemed Mahayogi Gorakshnath Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chowkmafi (established in collaboration with Government of India) is working to find the ways and means to increase the agricultural productivity, reduce agricultural costs, improve profitability and encourage the use of technology in the agriculture sector. To achieve the above intended goals relevant research and experiments are being conducted.

Relevant programmes shall be conducted to educate, inform and train the farmers continuously on a regular basis.

Women shall be duly trained, educated and informed with a view to enable them of making agro-based consumer products which shall make them self-reliant. Programmes to educate and train women groups for their economic independence will be conducted on the regular basis with the moto of "Har Ghar - Ek Utpaad" ("Each House - One Product").

Our endeavour shall also be to help make available relevant new technologiesiscientific methods to the local smal and medium scale industries working in medical and agricultural fields.

Very soon Mahayog Gorakhnath University Gorakhpur is going to be Eastern UP's one of the most specialised and sophisticated institution in the field of multidisciplinary centre of higher education. Through the motto of Education with Ethos', this University shall be instrumental in enabling the people to become self-reliant and skilled in their fields of choice at par with the global standards and an useful and able human being having a scientific bent of mind and a spiritual heart.