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The Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad:

The Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad has been established by Yugpurush Gorakshpeethadheeswar Brahmleen Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj. The Parishad acknowledges the fact that any nation is basically identified and recognised by its distinguished culture. And culture of any nation is made of and sum total of their best national and social practices, values and ethos. Best social practices and value development is a continuous on going process and are nurtured and derived from the traditions and progressive evolution of the society/nation. The long chain of enlightened great personalities of the nation and society, their ideas, ideals and from time to time reforms undertaken by them wirt prevalent irrational superstitions and traditions in the society, establishes a proper balance amongst old traditions and new social changes which decides the future course of the society and nation. Thus social norms, culture and ethos are transferred from one generation to the next generation which makes a society flexible, dynamic, vibrant and upto-date which stands on the solid foundation of the past values, traditions and conventions. Education is easily accessible most vital component of this process and is an eternal ever changing/evolving ceaseless carrier of social processes, Education in itself is not only a means of getting employment but is a powerful means and time tested tool to evolve a person and hence society at large into a cultured, sober, sophisticated and mature human being/vibrant society and acquaint them with their eternal social values and cultural heritage. Mere bookish knowledge is not enough for the wholesome development of a person who would be able to contribute positively in the progress of his society and nation; rather real education is one, which prepares future generation, which stands on the deep rooted firm foundation of the past and learns in the light of today's realities/ requirements and realises his potential and achieves excellent bright future for himself, his society and nation.

Keeping in view the above perspective in mind and to achieve the intended goal, Yugpurush Brahmleen Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj founded 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad'. The intended goal of 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' is crystal clear- to prepare and mould the young generation which is committed and dedicated to our nation 'Jagadguru Bharat'. Our work-culture, incorporates in it faith, dedication, sacrifice, transparent lifestyle and sustained efforts to achieve the required goal and objective. The laid down path is the path carved in the light of our eternal Sanatan values, religion, sublime spirituality, and of course welfare of our people. Educational and training institutions of 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' are committed to ensure the holistic development of their students by organizing various academic, cultural and social programmes/activities in addition to study and teaching. This is the ultimate and supreme goal rather religion of 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' and its institutions.

The knowledge tradition of India is diverse and multidimensional. It is the responsibility and ardent duty of our educational institutions to develop/prepare the future generations as per the Indian education tradition and make them aware of our long eternal sublime glorious heritage of vast knowledge. Bharat as a nation and society will be said to be developed only when it stands on the firm foundation of our own ancient eternal values and civilisation with a dream of making a modern, vibrant, progressive and developed Bharat. Let it derives its inspiration from its illustrious shining glory of past while it builds its present in order to create a better and bright vibrant future. In the light of the above, ideological obligation of 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' is to continue its ceaseless incessant journey of contributing in various fields of social welfare, education and health etc. and thus participating in the pious work of nation building

Shri Gorakhnath Temple has made education and health its main medium/vehicle to serve the people and hence the nation. The aim of founding 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' by Yugpurush Gorakshapeethadheeshwar Mahant Digvijainath Ji Maharaj was in fact manifestation of his aforementioned vision and intention. In fact, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, has been the result of the educational revolution/renaissance in eastern Uttar Pradesh started by 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' at the dawn of independence. Entire land with its buildings, students and teachers, literally with bag and baggage, of the then Maharana Pratap Mahavidyalaya and Maharana Pratap Mahila Mahavidyalaya situated in Civil Lines, Golghar, Gorakhpur established by the Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad were handed over to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the establishment of Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur. A great visionary Param Poojya Mahant Digvijainath Ji Maharaj, is one of the illustrious and brightest stars and pioneer amongst the founding fathers of the Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur now referred as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.

Thus in addition to playing an important, vital and decisive role in the establishment of the Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur, Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad established its own network of educational, technical and training institutions imparting education from the basic to higher level running parallel to the university to cater to the growing need of proper education of this neglected part of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Since the inception and birth of the Parishad its intended goal has been to develop students' complete personality in addition to educating them with systematic latest up-to-date knowledge of their chosen subjects/course. Parishad believes that devotion to Bharatiya Sanskriti & Sanskars, multifarious sacrifice and commitment to the nation, and active social involvement should all be part of the students' character building and personality development. Currently there are approximately four dozen institutions of the Parishad comprised of Primary schools, Junior high schools, Inter colleges, Degree colleges, Polytechnic, B.Ed and M.Ed. training colleges, PG colleges, Medical & Agricultural institutions and University etc. which are working in tandem in both rural as well as urban areas of this part of Eastern Uttar Pradesh Yearly more than 50,000 students get enrolled in its educational institutions and each month over 10,000 patients are treated in its Medical institutions/facilities. Moreover, free of cost sewing-embroidery & basic computer training, Sanskrit schools and gymnasium/fitness centres are engaged in the service of the people. In the above mentioned institutions more than 5000 teachers, doctors and staff are working tirelessly and giving their services with full devotion and dedication. Shri Gorakhnath temple's public welfare programme is in high spirits. Free medical camps are regularly organised by Guru Shrl Gorakshanath Chikitsalaya situated within the Gorakhnath temple premises and Mahant Digvijainath Ayurvedic Hospital. Moreover, Gorakshpeetadheeshwar Mahant Avedyanath Free First Aid Centre is also providing first aid healthcare service. The everlasting efforts of the Gorakshapeeth to serve the people continues. The 'Mahayogi Gorakhnath University Gorakhpur is one of the Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad's most ambitious and important project With the inauguration of this university on August 28, 2021, by Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji the Hon'ble President of India, is a significant big step forward rather culmination of its 'Bhagirath Prayas towards achieving the goal of making Gorakhpur a "City of Knowledge" as desired by our Hon'ble President Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji, has been accomplished. This university is a multidisciplinary ambitious service project of Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad.