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Central Library

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You are welcome to the Central Library of Mahayogi Gorakhnath University Gorakhpur situated in the holy land of Mahayogi Shivavatari Guru Gorakhnath.

The library is equipped with Wi-Fi and remains open 24x7. In the central library university-level course-related and reference books on all the subjects are available.National and international research journals and magazines in Hindi and English language are subscribed on almost all the subjects/ disciplines.Hindi and English language important local and national dailies are subscribed. In addition to this, a rich collection of general books on various topics and subjects are also available in the central library.

Arrangement for proper and comfortable sitting and reading for all the users of the library is in place.

Here it is noteworthy that the functioning of the library is fully computerized. University is continuously working and engaged in the collection of research-related reference books, journals and magazines from around the world to develop and establish a world-class multi-disciplinary rich modern library.

A library is a temple for the purification of intellect and self. Here the entire world is before our eyes. We can tour the entire world and civilizations of the past and present just sitting in a library. It is possible to study and acquire knowledge in a pristine,peaceful,and serene ambience.

Therefore to keep this campus salubrious, clean and beautiful it is an earnest,imperative and moral duty of all of us who are engaged in learning and earning knowledge.While using the library we should strive and ascertain our cooperation in making the library progressively rich. Any library provides a firm foundation of a country and civilization. Infact libraries of a nation or civilization is one of the major yardsticks to assess its development and progress.

Main Services:

Library provides photocopy/ Xerox facility/service to the students,teachers, research Scholars, staff, and other walk-in users.

Issuing of Library Books:
Books are issued to all the users of the library for prescribed durations for different courses.Returning the books after the due date,prescribed late charges will be charged.