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An abode of our Inspiration : Shri Gorakhnath Temple

Shri Gorakshpeeth is a Siddhpeeth. This is a Yogapeeth. This is Tapsthali of Mahayogi Guru Shri Gorakhnath the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This Peeth provides continuity to Sadhana and Siddhi and is the highest Peeth of Nath Panth. As the representative of Mahayogi Guru Shri Gorakhnath, Gorakshpeethadheeswars provide continuity to the Nath Panth traditions, therefore this Peeth has a distinguished and important position in the Nath Panth. Though in the annals of social-religious-political history of the country the name of this Peeth is mentioned for its contribution towards religious-spiritual-social renaissance but without mentioning the vital role played by Nathpanthi Yogis and Yogeshwars in the Indian freedom movement and their participation in the Sanyasi movement, the history of the Indian freedom movement won't be complete. Even today Gorakshpeeth represents those religious-spiritual centers and Gurukulas of Sanatan Sanskriti which used to be Centers & Mentors of Bharat's socio-religious-spiritual movements. This Peeth is modem version of ancient Bharatiya Mathas, Today Gorakshpeeth alongwith being one of the most important religious & Yoga centres is also a prime centre of social mass awareness. This Peeth is center of Go-seva, Jan-seva, Education & Health services.

Shri Gorakhnath temple is the highest abode of Nathpanth. Nathpanth have prominent place among various Sects/Panths which developed and evolved from time to time in Sanatan Dharma in various fields of Philosophy, Spirituality and Sadhna etc. There is hardly any state, region or district in the Bharat which is not treaded and touched by the pious feet of Nath Siddhas & Yogis. The presence of Nathpanth shrines like Temples, Mathas, Ashrams, Daleechas, Khohas, Guphas and Teelas are live evidences which distinctly prove that Nath Panth has been a glorious, revolutionary Panth spread from Kutees to Palaces far and wide across the Aryavarta. Nathpanth has been engaged in the spiritual and Yogic enlightenment of the entire humanity irrespective of caste, creed, race, region and religion. Nathpanth had been spread across and beyond the present political boundary of Bharat, in today's countries like Tibet, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and many other countries of Asia as a flag bearer of Yoga and Indian culture and have been engaged in public welfare in its own way.

In post independent Bharat Shri Gorakhnath Temple/Peeth become one of the most prominent and distinguished centres of Hindu religion and philosophy. Founder of 'Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad' Yugpurush Gorakshpeethadheeswar Brahmleen Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj, has been witness to the immortalised Sepoy Mutiny of Chauri Chaura in the Indian freedom movement, a symbol of peoples' uprising against British government. Subsequently, Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj got identified and become synonymous with the Gorakhpur. With the integrated, composite view of 'Nationalism & Development and 'Spiritualism & Materialism' he showed the path of spiritual life to the Mathas & Mandirs of the country. Simultaneously he guided the suffering common people and inspired them to be dedicated and committed towards their worldly duties. Yugpurush Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj on the one hand made Gorakhnath temple a hub and catalyst of spiritualism based social revolution and upliftment of backwards and downtrodden and on the other hand in 1932 AD he initiated a sort of educational revolution in eastern Uttar Pradesh especially in Gorakhpur by founding Maharana Pratap Shiksha Parishad. Yugpurush Gorakshpeethadheeswar Brahmleen Mahant Digvijainath ji Maharaj by organising 'Akhil Bharatiya Avdhoot Bhesh Barah Panth Yogi Mahasabha' integrated, organised and defined the Socio-National role of Nathpanth Yogis scattered all over the country. In fact, this was his monumental historical work. At the same time, under the umbrella of Hindu Mahasabha, he tried to bring in Indian values and culture in the anglicised/westemnised Indian politics. Consequently, by breaking barriers of the then prevailing numerous sects and thoughts based on different spiritual and philosophical ideologies the Gorakhnath Temple become epicentre of an integrated and composite Hindu nationalism and is still continuing its role of integration of Hindu society with added impetus, fervour and glory Gorakshpeethadheeswar Brahmleen Mahant Avedyanath ji Maharaj continued this monumental work of social integration by instigating and leading the Sadhus, Saints, Mahatmas and Peethadheeswars who had been mostly and exclusively engaged in the Sadhana for their own self-salvation to join in and play active, leading and guiding role in the Socio-political field of the nation for social integration and wellbeing of the nation. Consequently, there were large number of Sadhu-Saints who joined the different political and social organisations and now are engaged and working actively, passionately, tirelessly. and contributing to the society and nation in various roles in addition to their own spiritual Sadhana. We all are witness to his incessant, ceaseless, fight against the prevalent irrelevant, inhuman traditions, superstitions, casteism and untouchability etc. which divides our society on umpteen fault lines. He associated almost all the Math-Mandirs of the country with the movement of Samajik Samrasta' which is his one of the greatest contribution towards the national infegrity and unity. His this one significant contribution of social integration and unity is one of the brightest golden chapter in the annals of history of our country. His able and brilliant fruitful leadership provided to Shri Ramjanm Bhoomi

Movement is one of the brilliant efforts towards the national integrity, cultural renaissance of Bharat and re establishment of our lost forgotten Asmita and glory. Shri Ramjanm Bhoomi movement is a defining moment in the national unity, integrity, people's participation and cultural campaign. The Gorakhnath Temple has been at the forefront and centre of this historical mass movement.